Very own stamp sheet

Very own stamp sheet

In 2017 Hungary Post is releasing a new type of Your Own Stamp called the Very Own Stamp. The A5 size sheet of stamps with a renewed format contains 6 stamps with no value indication marked Domestic. The issue was designed by the graphic artist Imre Benedek and was produced by ANY Security Printing Company. The new stamps can be ordered from 1 September 2017.

Buying stamps is an interesting and fun experience. This can be made even more exciting when you yourself can choose the final form and appearance of the stamp. Since Your Own Stamps were introduced in Hungary in 2004, stamp purchasers and collectors have already had a chance to choose the theme of the stamps and express themselves, but the new Very Own Stamp being issued now provides yet another opportunity to extend their creativity.

The main characteristics of this new version are the A5 size of the sheet of stamps, an enlargement of the photo chosen for the stamps appearing on the sheet and the interesting option of having a message up to 40 characters long of your choice appear above the large photo. Magyar Posta has also thought of when you are in the happy situation of being able to give this new type of stamp to someone else as a gift, and so each sheet of stamps is provided in a matching exclusive folder when sent or given over to the customer.

The stamps bear the inscription Domestic, which means that any future changes in tariffs in the coming years are automatically followed. Thus these stamps can be used flexibly without paying additional postage.

If you wish to pay for postage using your Very Own Stamp, you must remember to also adhere the stamp containing ornamental elements with the inscription Hungary or Domestic on the mail item as well.

To make yourself, your loved ones or a special memory part of a stamp collection or to see these on a mail item is a delightful feeling, which you can now easily achieve in your very own way with your Very Own Stamp.

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