Stamp 2018

Stamp 2018

The occasional stamps of Magyar Posta in 2018 traditionally focus on the anniversaries and events associated with the Hungarian cultural history.

On the topic of the Signal Hungarians, the bicentenary of his birth, he receives the “Savior of Mothers”, Semmelweis Ignác physician.

The legal predecessor of Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. Was founded in 1868. In honor of the 150th anniversary, a stamp block welcomes the railway company.
The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science at Széchenyi István University in Mosonmagyaróvár was founded in 1808.

Thanks to the bicentennial and the continuation of anniversary anniversaries, the Hungarian Post emits a special stamp.

The music lovers can prepare for a stamp on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Blue Beard Prince’s Visit. Signs of foreign artists, for the centenary of their birth, are greeted by American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, and Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, one of the most influential singers of modern cinema.

On Religious Issues, we are greeted with the 450th anniversary of the Tordai Parliament, which is a milestone in terms of religious freedom. The processing of the Hungarian saints and happy themes continues. According to plans, the Zobor Hill hermits and their biographers: St. Zoerard-Andrew, St. Benedict and Blessed Virgin appear this time on the stamps of the stamp.
In its historical theme, 1956 Gypsy heroes are stamped, while the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the St Stephen’s battleship and the closing of the First World War is captured by a stamp block.
The 91st Stamp Day is hosted by Nagykőrös in 2018. In connection with this, a traditionally two-stamp series of stamps and a premium stamp block are being put in place to support organized home stamp collection.

The award-winning “Sky Scenes” to support youth stamp collecting next year discusses the topic of current astronomical phenomena. We are also preparing for a new era of youth focusing on dinosaurs and animals of the ages of the ages. 2018 is the dog’s year in the Chinese horoscope, which, according to established practice, will be greeted twice with two thumbnail images. There is a series of stamps showing animals at risk of animal life, while for our flora, the herb of the year, the real lavender, is put on a stamp block.

The European Postal Operators Association annually offers its members the opportunity to issue a so-called EUROPA stamp on a common theme. In 2018, bridges are being processed. We look forward to next year’s stamping competition, where we count on supportive votes.
Folklore history and the Philatelic Stamps series processing the treasures of Hungarian museums continue. In the latter case, this time, some of the feared treasures of the Jósa András Museum in Nyíregyháza and the Papal Museum of Pápa can be seen.

Two new series will be launched in 2018. The processing of the Hungarian castles and castles, and the implementation of the landscapes and cities are beginning. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their anniversary, Sárospatak, Sárvár and Siofok become a stamp.
Sports theme is a stamp for the Winter Olympics and the World Football Championship.
The Postcrossing Postcrossing Movement is becoming more and more popular not only worldwide, but also in Hungary. Therefore, Magyar Posta also puts a stamp on not only the exchange of postcards but also through the stamps we can convey our cultural values.
In addition to the usual Easter and Christmas traffic stamps, next year, the Post History Story series will add new denominations. On demand for traffic, additional denominations are expected in the themes of greetings and protected domestic flowers.

In 2018, Hungarian Post plans to issue 19 stamps, 5 blocks and 9 badges. The expected annual total nominal value is HUF 19,050, which includes a premium of HUF 450. Of this, HUF 300 for the domestic organized stamp collection and 150 for the promotion of youth stamp collection will be supported. The denomination of the traffic stamps is determined on the basis of Magyar Posta’s clearance clearance demand.

Posta reserves the right to make changes.

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